Employer identification number is a basic requirement for any business organization, company, and government agency in the United States. The number is a requirement for tax administration for individuals or any bodies that are required to pay withholding tax for their employees.

This being a mandatory legal requirement, the process is more often complicated for some leading to sourcing for application services from law firms and other agencies. This not only comes at a cost, but also the risk of misrepresenting information is high.

The easiest and convenient method of application is through the online platform. The benefits of online application for an employer identification number includes but not limited to the following:

Fast Processing

The time required to seek for the necessary forms, fill in the required details and send them to the relevant offices is time consuming. It not only consumes time that would have been used in business but also it takes longer to reach the relevant authorities. With online application, the only time required is time to access the form and fill out the required details.

After completing and clicking on the submit button, the form is instantly delivered to the relevant office and a receipt notification is given instantly. This saves considerable amount of time and ensures you do not get time barred alongside giving you more time to concentrate on your business.

Application For Employer Identification Number


Cost Saving

The process to get employer identification number manually costs more. There are travel expenses to the chosen agent’s office while picking and dropping the forms. In other instances, postage costs will apply when the forms have to be sent vial postal mails or other delivery services.

Lawyers and other agencies who offer application services also charge for the service. This comes as an expense to the business and hence a reduction in profits. Using the online application system, it is only the browsing costs that are incurred.

Such browsing costs are so small that they do not have any impact on the business earnings hence an opportunity for great savings.


By making an application through agents, lawyers and courier services, you are never assure that your forms will get to the relevant destination. Cases of mishandling, theft and lateness are common when the forms have to be sent. However, with the online application, the form is delivered directly to the relevant agencies at the click of the button.

Security and Privacy of Information

Information about your business is confidential. When sending the forms, there is a risk of the forms falling into the wrong hands and information being trapped. Online application system offers a safe a secure method to provide with your information with no risk of information being trapped on the way. It remains only on your hands and the agency where you are sending the information.


The benefits of online application for an employer identification number is a safe and secure way for any business or individual to get in touch with the tax administrator. The process is fast and comes with an assurance that all the relevant information is provided. It is important therefore that you seek for this alternative it is the best and guaranteed to give the best.

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